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Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources

Sub Plans - Quick access to themed activities that you can use year after year. 

THEME                                                       LEVEL

Franglais (Cognates)


La Carte

Cultural Trivia 

Ellen Onsrud
Lake Mills MS & HS
Level 3, 4 or 5

Introduction to African folktales through readings, music and film.  This unit includes a suggested lesson plan outline.

"Jean-Jacques et Marie-Claire"

Flat cardboard "characters" cut from large cardboard boxes accessorized with scarves, baseball caps, etc to provide a context for grammatical presentations and practice in a playful atmosphere.

Regions project - presentational writing and speaking at the end of a unit. What is the importance of travel?


Introduction to Cultural Ideals of Beauty to

activate background and engage students.

Also it's funny to talk about hipsters.

Michelle Roemmich​
Eau Claire

Look at infographics in a small group (each group gets a different WixxMag Infographic) and answer questions on a process guide (interpretive reading). Share ideas in a class discussion and/or speed dating (interpersonal). Then, groups create a "sport" for a class infographic, following the same structure as the WixxMag infographics (presentational writing).

Justin F. Charles
Round Lake High School, IL
Levels 1-4

Level 1: Mardi Gras

Level 2: Quebec

Level 3: Binche

Level 4: Dunkerque

SuAnn Schroeder
Medford, WI
Levels 4/5: Environment
Andrea Behn
Parker High School, Janesville, WI
Level 4: Zombies!
All levels: Slides (routine)
All levels: Quasimodo (routine)
All levels: LIstening sheet
All levels: IPA Interpretive Task Template
Share Fair Session

Share Fair Session

Share Fair Session
Maggie Schmidt
Proficiencies Information
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