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Promoting French in OUISCONSIN

The AATF is the only national professional association devoted exclusively to the concerns of French teachers at all levels. The AATF is continually working to promote new French programs, help members save threatened programs, strengthen the teaching of French at all levels, and collaborate with other professional and governmental organizations to ensure the presence of French in our schools and universities. General language associations must give equal weight to all languages; that is their mission. Only the AATF speaks for French.





La Société Honoraire de Français et Les Jeunes Amis du Francais

The establishment of a chapter of the Société honoraire de français offers several potential benefits to a secondary French program.


First, it provides an opportunity to recognize outstanding scholarship in the study of French language through selection for membership, the placement of a special seal on the graduate's diploma, the wearing of a tri-colored cord at graduation, and the right to wear the official emblem/pin of the honor society.


Second, the chapter provides a vehicle for focusing activities around French language and literature and also for encouraging member participation in the annual writing contest as well as apply for the annual travel grants.


In addition, there is the opportunity for students to experience leadership in serving as officers, directing the initiation ceremony, and/or leading other chapter events.


Les Ressources

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