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began his term as AATF-WI President in January 2024. I am currently a French teacher at EAGLE School, an independent, k-8 school serving the needs of gifted & talented students in the Madison area. Prior to EAGLE, I was an assistant faculty associate, academic advisor, and Director of the French House at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

My French Journey

I chose French in 9th grade only because (follow me here) my father's colleague's wife was our French teacher, and she'd been to our house! Little did I know at the time that French would become my passion and my career. That amazing French teacher was a stickler about grammar and offered me a great foundation to grow in the language. But it wasn't until I studied abroad in college that I really learned to speak French.


My college faculty pushed me towards a PhD in French and I landed at UW-Madison. That is where I really learned to teach, and to appreciate the culture and the literatures that have shaped francophone societies for about 2000 years.

Towards the end of my studies, I became the director of the French House. For 24 years, I taught all levels of undergraduate French, served as an academic advisor, and most importantly, was able to meet many Wisconsin area French teachers and see first hand what extraordinary work they were doing with our students. 

So when the opportunity arose to teach at EAGLE School, I leapt at it. I needed a change and a new challenge in my career and EAGLE offered that to me. I now teach grades 4 through 8 to amazing young students who strive to be their best every day. They truly inspire me.



Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you have about AATF-WI. 

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